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Dinner—BrunchWine List



Dinner—BrunchWine List

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Brunch Menu

Dinner — Brunch — Wine List


Brunch Menu

Dinner — Brunch — Wine List

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Wine List

Dinner — Brunch — Wine List


Wine List

Dinner — Brunch — Wine List


Ombra Prosecco $12 Glass $40 Bottle

From the Veneto region.  Notes of pear, lemon, apple with bright effervescence and crisp finish.   In Italian, Ombra means shadow and legend goes that the wine was stored in the shadow of the San Marco, Venice church tower.


Barolo D.O.C.G. $15 Glass $40 Bottle

      Oak aged, light on the palate with a vibrant balance.

Arboreto, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo  $14 Glass $39 Bottle

      Dark berry fruit, dry and full-bodied with a hint of almond and medium finish.

Masi, Passo Doble, Malbec $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Sun dried Corvina grapes, flavors of fruits and plums with a cherry finish.

Banfi, Centine $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Bright ruby red in color, balanced cherry flavor with a long finish.

Banfi, Chianti Classico $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Dark cherry color, intense and full bodied with a warm and well balanced finish.

Cantina Casteggio di Barbara (Mr. G’s Favorite) $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Light and fruity, fresh and aromatic.

Vino di Salvalai, Merlot $9 Glass $29 Bottle

      Aromas of berries, ripe plums and cinnamon.

Vino di Salvalai, Cabernet $9 Glass$29 Bottle

      Soft and herbaceous aromas, including red berries, green pepper and cinnamon.


Matua Valley, Sauvignon Blanc  $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Hints of pepper, sage, and melon become fresh tasting, full-bodied, aromatic, and long finish.

Region 1, Chardonnay $12 Glass $36 Bottle

      Light, fruity and smooth finish.

Santa Marina, Pinot Grigio $12 Glass $36 Bottle

Wonderfully crisp, pear, almond, and light floral flavors.

Bolla Soave $10 Glass $30 Bottle

       Dry and crisp, light bodied with flavors of pear and lemon.


           Masi Rosé $12 Glass $36 Bottle

       Ruby red color, notes of ripe blackberry and spice, with a medium finish.




Bovio Barbera D’ Alba “Il Ciotto” - 2012 $49 Bottle

Organic - Black cherry, fresh herbs, smooth, good acidity and licorice finish.

          Forteto Della Luga Forteto Monferrato Rosso “Le Grive” - 2011 $66 Bottle

Organic - Aged two years in oak barrels and glass bottles for 6 months.  Round, deep full bodied wine with perfect balance derived from blending Pinot Nero and Barbera grapes. This wine has a smooth finish.

           Montecalvi Chianti Classico - 2010 $69 Bottle


Organic – Complex and clean, notes of berry fruit and toasty oak. Full-bodied, made with small Sangiovese clone grapes.  

This wine has aromas of tobacco derived from the Slovenian oak barrels.

            Bovio Barolo Rocchettevino - 2008   $119 Bottle

Organic - Deep ruby red, full-bodied, slightly oaky with hints of dried fruit.  Aged 15 months in French oak barrels, then glass bottled for one year.

            Bolsignano Brunello di Montalcino - 2008 $120 Bottle

Organic - Garnet color, nose of fresh earth, prune and cherry.  Medium-bodied, very well balanced with a lingering slight pepper and soft tannins finish.

Cigliuti Barbaresco Serraboella - 2009 $169 Bottle

Organic - Powerful, elegant, alluring, intense dark fruit and sweet oak with harmonized structure and lengthy finish. 


          Forteto della Luga Moscato d’Asti “Plasa Sanmaurizio” - 2012  $45 Bottle     

               Organic - Aromas of elderflower, white peach and fresh melon, vanilla notes on the palate, and acidity that              dramatically refreshes. Aged in Piemonte’s first photovoltaic solar energy wine cellar.             


La Tunella Rigalla - 2011  $45 Bottle

Fresh notes of pineapple and grapefruit citrus, aromas of pear and apricot. Ideal acidity, medium-bodied long finish.  



Fontana Candida, Luna Mater $36 Bottle

Full balance of flavor, acidity and sweetness with almond after taste.


Friulano, Sequals Fruili  $36 Bottle

Flavors of ripe yellow fruits, almonds and hint of elderberry.  Slightly spicy, well-structured and full-bodied, complete with lingering finish on the palate.


Sartori, Amarone $85 Bottle

Full bodied, round, complex deep fruit flavors with soft tannins and cinnamon spice finish.



Gaga Red $44 Bottle

Aromas and flavors of strawberry and raspberry with a crisp finish.


Gaga White $44 Bottle

Crisp lively texture of pear and apricot flavors with a note of honeysuckle.


Gaga Rosé $44 Bottle

Aromatic, layered flavors of plum, raspberry, and blackberry with a cherry finish.